Verbul modal Could

Situatii cand folosim Could

Verbul modal Could este folosit destul de des in limba Engleza pentru a adauga politete in exprimare dar si ca forma de trecut a lui Can cand este vorba de abilitate.

Cand folosim verbul modal Could?

In filmuletul de mai jos, poti gasi cele mai importante situatii cand folosim Could, in intrebari dar si in propozitii afirmative si negative.

Could este un verb modal folosit ca forma de trecut a lui Can dar si pentru a exprima cereri politicoase in intrebari.
Can este verb modal auxiliar folosit in forma de baza a infinitivului. Forma de trecut a lui Can este Could.
Atat Can cat si Could au aceeasi forma pentru toate persoanele. Nu isi schimba forma, indiferent de persoana sau persoanele care fac actiunea.

  • He can/could speak very fast if he wants/wanted.

Can are forma doar pentru prezent.

Can poate fi folosit doar la timpul prezent. Pentru viitor sau Prezent Perfect, nu folosim Can.

Folosim un inlocuitor al sau care are acelasi sens. este vorba despre To be able to.
Exemplu de propozitie cand folosim ”To be able to” la viitor, in locul lui Can:

  • I will be able to solve this problem later.

La negativ, folosim negatia cu will care poate fi won’t.

  • You will not be able to find the answer in this book.

Forma de negativ a lui Can este Cannot sau forma scurta, contrasa: Can’t.

  • I can do something.
  • I can swim long distances.

Verbul modal Could – Past Tense

Forma de trecut a lui Can este Could. Astfel, Could poate fi folosit pentru a exprima abilitatea in trecut.

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We use could when expressing ability in the past.

  • I could swim long distances when I was younger.
  • She could solve really difficult Math problems when she was only 7 years old.

Pot spune acelasi lucru, folosind forma: to be able to:

  • I was able to swim long distances when I was younger.
  • She was able to solve really difficult Math problems when she was only 7 years old.

Abilitate la Present Perfect

To be able to is important atat pentru viitor cat si pentru Present perfect. Could poate fi folosit doar la trecut pentru a exprima trecutul.Ex.

  • I have been able to swim since I was seven yearls old. It’s true. I learned to swim when I was 7.

Abilitate cu actiuni specifice in trecut

Putem folosi doar be able to cand vrem sa exprimam abilitate cu actiuni care sunt specifice, particulare nu actiuni cu sens general.

  • The traffic was really bad but we were able to get to school in time.
    The traffic was really bad but we managed to get to school in time

We use be able to when we are talking about a specific moment in the past not general and only in positive sentences. That may be difficult for some people to understand but you need to practice. In negative sentences you can use both could and be able to in the past with general and specific moment in the past.

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La negativ, nu are importanta pe care dintre ele le folosim. Putem folosi atat Could cat si Was able to

  • The traffic was really bad and we could not get to school in time.
  • The traffic was really bad and we were not able to get to school in time.

Polite request

Poti folosi Could pentru a cere sau permisiunea politicos. Poti oferi permisiunea folosind Could – verb modal.

  • Could I ask you for your pen?
  • Could you speak more slowly?

Poti adauga Please, la inceputul sau la sfarsitul propozitiei pentru o exprimare cat mai politicoasa.

You can add ”please” at the beginning or at the end of the question to make it even more polite.

  • Could you speak more slowly, please?

When you don’t understand someone who is speaking very fast. Some native speaker can speak really really fast . That makes it very difficult for beginners to make out the meaning, especially because native speakers link the words together.

Verbul modal Could la conditional

Pentru a exprima conditia, folosim Could cand are sens de abilitate sau permisiune
I couldn’t help you even if I wanted to. It means I don’t want to help you and even if I wanted I still couldn’t help you. We can say the same using would be able to. I wouldn’t be able to help you even if I wanted to.

  • You could get make more money if you had a better business. It means you are no making enough money now but you could. It is a possibility and a condition at the same time.
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With Could, when expressing condition, we use the past tense in the second clause, after if. If you had a more lucrative business. If you worked harder you could get better results.
We can use would instead of could here. In order to express possibility, we use could.


Poti exprima sugestii folosind verbul modal Could

  • You have been a good employee in this company. You could ask for raise.
  • You could try to drink green tea instead of coffee. It contains many antioxidants and less caffeine.


Putem exprima posibilitatea si pastra nota de politete in acelasi timp. We can also express possibility by saying

  • I could be wrong but in my opinion, there a downturn in sales at the moment.

We need to use could here to express politeness. You don’t want to be rude or too direct to say. so you say, I could be wrong but…

Verbul modal Could +have +past participle

I could have been an actor. I used to like to perform on stage. Something happened and I didn’t become an actor. It means I have become something else.

Using could +have +past participle shows that it is about the past. There is nothing I can do now to change that.

Capacitatea  abilitatea in prezent

  • You could write a book on healthy nutrition.

You can tell someone that they are capapble of writing a book a o specific topic they are good at.

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