Prepozitii Of si From in Engleza

Prepozitia Of si prepozitia From in limba Engleza

Astazi, vorbim despre doua prepozitii Of si From. Sunt doua prepozitii foarte des intalnite si folosite in limba Engleza, atat in vorbire cat si in scris.

Am fost intrebat de multe ori despre aceste prepozitii. Cum ne dam seama de diferentele dintre prepozitia Of si prepozitia From?

Despre prepozitia Of am mai vorbit si intr-o lectie anterioara. Poti gasi si acolo, o multime de exemple, special dedicate lui Of.

Pentru ca este un subiect important, am hotarat sa fac o lectie speciala pentru asta.  Folosim tot timpul, atat prepozitia Of cat si prepozitia From, in Engleza.

  • Cum se pronunta prepozitia Of
  • Cand folosim prepozitia Of
  • Prepozitia Of exprima apartenenta, posesia
  • Adjective urmate de prepozitia Of
  • Verbe urmate de prepozitia Of
  • Cand folosim prepozitia From
  • Exprima provenienta
  • Verbe urmate de prepozitia From
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Prepozitia Of – Lectia video You Tube

Prepozitii Of si From – Ce trebuie sa stii?

Mai intai de toate, sa vedem cum se pronunta corect Of.  Nu este ”of” ci /əv/. Pronunta intotdeauna /əv/. From este pronuntat /frɒm/ sau /frəm/

Cand si cum se foloseste prepozitia Of?

Avem atat reguli cat si exceptii in ceeace priveste folosirea diferitelor parti de vorbire in limba Engleza. la fel este si cazul prepozitiei Of.

Desi, asta nu ne ajuta foarte mult, trebuie sa retinem ca exista o anumita  ”logica” care ne ajuta sa ne dam seama de ce folosim aceasta prepozitie.

Apartenenta sau continutul

Prepozitia Of se foloseste pentru a exprima apartenenta sau continutul cand vorbim despre lucruri.

  • Paris is the capital of France. cu alte cuvinte : Paris (the capital) is part of France.
  • I’d like another piece of toast, please. cu alte cuvinte: The piece is made of toast.

Pot exprima ”posesia” sau mai bine zis, apartenenta, pot folosi atat pronumele cat si adjectivul pronominal posesiv.

  • She is a friend of mine.

Probabil, te gandesti ca se spune: ”My friend”. Da, Este corect dar se spune si ”a friend of mine”.
Care este diferenta dintre ”friend of mine” si ”my friend”? Este vreo diferenta intre cele doua?

Da! Avem o nuanta in ceeea ce priveste sensul expresiei ”friend of mine”. Nu inseamna exact acelasi lucru.

Folosesc ” friend of mine” atunci cand nu mai refer la un anumit prieten sau acel prieten nu este atat de apropiat. Asta inseamna ca este un prieten, o cunostinta sau faptul ca nu te referi la un anume prieten apropiat.

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Cand vorbim despre people, animals, or groups, folosesc  forma de Genitiv cu ‘s, pentru a exprima posesia:

  • my friend’s idea  – It was my friend’s idea. A fost ideea prietenei mele.
    the cat’s claws – ghearele pisicii

Parte din ceva mai mare

Cand vorbesc despre o parte dintr-un intreg, despre ceva ce apartine sau are legatura cu un intreg, o parte din ceva:

  • I was a member of the team.  (which is the same as: I was part of the team.)
  • O part of me, part of my family, part of a group etc

Cand vorbesc despre originea unei persoane, grup sau popor:

  • I am of Greek descent. – Ma trag din Greci.

I can say:

  • The people of Ireland, The people of Romania.

Desigur, poti sa spui si:

  • The Romanian people are part of Romania.

Cand ma refer la suprafete fizice, folosesc Of cu: top/bottom/side/inside/outside:

  • the top of the box        – partea de sus a cutiei
  • bottom of the box        – partea de jos a cutiei
  • the side of the car       – partea laterala a cutiei
  • the inside of the coat   -partea interioara a cutiei
  • the outside of the box  – partea exterioara a cutiei

Atentie! Folosesc Of in ”the top of the shelf” Pot spune:

  • the top of the shelf – partea de sus a raftului


  • the top shelf   – raftul de sus

Inseamna lucruri diferite. Este altceva. Nu confunda pe cele doua!

Cand ma refer la ceva ce are legatura cu altceva:

  • a photo of my dog          – o fotografie cu cainele meu Content: ( The dog is part of the photo)
  • a picture of confidence  – intruchiparea increderii ( expresie – despre o stare, emotie) (Confidence is part of the picture.)
  • a map of England          – o harta a Angliei  Content: England is part of the map.
Cand vorbim despre ceva ce parte sau este facut/a din:
  • a crowd of people     – o multime de oameni  (The people are part of the crowd. The crowd is made of people.)
  • a glass of wine         – 1 pahar de vin              ( The wine is the content of the glass.)
  • a cup of tea              – 1 cana de cafea            (The coffee is content of the cup.)
  • a piece of wood       – o bucata de lemn           (The wood is the content of the piece. The piece is made of wood)
  • a bar of chocolate    –  o ciocolata                     ( The bar is made of chocolate. The content of the bar is chocolate.)
  • a piece of advice     – un sfat                             ( Advice is part or content of piece)

    Pot exprima masurile si varsta folosind prepozitia of:
  • 2 kilos of potatoes – 2 kg de cartofi
  • a girl of 12            –  o fata de 12 aniv

dar, pot spune si:  

  • a 12-year-old girl   – o fata de 12 ani
Date calendaristice: day

Cand vorbesc despre datele calendaristice, am nevoie de Of.

  • on the 4th of July   – pe 4 Iulie

Cand vorbesc despre pozitia a ceva sau cineva fata de altceva, am nevoie sa folosesc pe Of:

  • It is just north of London  – Este la nord de Londra

Cand ma refer la pozitia in timp:

  • At the time of the revolution  – La revolutie

Prepozitia Of urmeaza dupa adjective precum:

  • afraid of​         -I’m not afraid of spiders.
    proud of        -I’m so proud of you.
    kind of           – So kind of you to do this for us.
    nice of          – It’s so nice of you to say that.
    generous of  – So generous of you!
    capable of     – He’s capable of anything for his family.
    tired of           – I’m tired of complaining.

Dupa verbe:

  • think of     -Think of something nice!
    remind of  -This perfume reminds me of summer.
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Prepozitii Of si From – diferente

Cand ma refer la materialul din care este facut/a ceva, folosesc prepozitia Of:

  • made of (wood, silver, gold, cotton) basic material
  • My t-shirt is made of cotton.
  • What is the ring made of?

Atentie! Cand vorbesc despre transformarea care are loc cand se face un obiect folosesc pe From.

  • Wine is made from grapes. -Vinul se face din struguri.
  • What is beer made from?  – Din ce se face berea?
  • Paper is made from trees.   -Hartia se face din lemnul copacilor.

Expresii care exprima cantitatea – Quantity expressions:

  • some of the     – Some of the files were lost.
  • a lot of             – I have a lot of time.
  • lots of              – I have lots of ideas for this project.
  • a (little) bit of   – The soup needs a little (bit) of salt.
  • a few of          – She gave few of her books.
  • much of          – He’s not much of a cook.
  • many of          – Many of the students have passed the exam.
  • most of           – Most of the students have passed the exam.
  • majority of      – A majority of people don’t agree on this policy.
  • both of them   – He shouted at both of them.
  • One of ….       – One of my friends lives here.
  • None of …      – None of them knows the story.

Exprima originea

Folosesc pe From pentru a exprima: origins, sources, and starting points:

  • Where are you from?
  • I’m from Bucharest.
    This scene is from an old film.
    I borrowed a book from an old friend.
    I have just got home from work.
Prepozitii Of si From  Perioada de timp:

Folosesc From… to/till/until to describe starting and ending times:

  • I lived in Birmingham from 2009 to 2011.
    They’ll be out of the office from Tuesday until Friday.
  • The river flows from east to west.

Cand vorbesc despre distante: when talking about distance:

  • I live ten miles from the beach.
    The tree is three feet away from the house.

From is sometimes used to express a reason:

  • He died from dehydration.
    I’m sore from the workout I did yesterday.

Folosesc From cu verbe:

  • Prices start from 10pounds.
  • Things go from bad to worse in this country.
  • The story was translated from English to Romanian.
  • He’s made his money from investing in stocks.
  • Wearing the right clothes can reduce the risk from radiation.
  • They discouraged me from starting a new business.
  • Seat belts can prevent you from getting injured in a car crash.
  • The alarm protects the house from break-ins.

Exercitii cu prepozitii Engleza – Of & From

Fill in the blanks with the correct prepositions! – Prepozitii Of si From

  • How do you get …. here to Birmingham?
    The hotel is on the main road …. London.
    He ran away …. home.
    We live about five miles ….. the beach.
    He lived only 2 miles … my workplace.
    She was standing only a few feet away …. me.
    I’ll be here tomorrow …. 7 till 9.
    His birthday is in two weeks …. today.
    ….. now on, I will let you know in advance.
    Some people work …. morning to night
    How do you translate …. French into English
    Things just went …. bad to worse.
    mothers who are exhausted …. all the sleepless nights
    The patient suffers …. stomach pains.
    The people will benefit …. having an excellent health service.
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Fill in the blanks with the correct preposition:
  • Add a teaspoonful … baking soda!
    The crown was made … gold and silver
    He was a man … great integrity.
    Finally, he has a car … his own
    News … his arrest was soon all over the city.
    I found a photograph … my grandmother
    I had a pain in the back … my leg
    That was an area … outstanding beauty.
    I can see all the details … the agreement.
    He was a friend … the family.
    Most … the students were very friendly.
    He fund a map … the world at the time of Napoleon.
    Who was in the building at the time … the fire?

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