Lose si Miss – Diferente si Expresii in Engleza

Diferentele dintre Miss si Lose – Expresii cu aceste verbe

Lectia noastra de de vocabular la limba Engleza este despre Lose si Miss – Diferente si Expresii pe care le poti vedea in exemple, explicatii si in varianta video pe canalul nostru de You Tube.

In aceasta lectie de vocabular, invatam despre diferentele si sensurile lui ”Miss” si ”Lose”. Asigura-te ca faci diferenta intre ele si nu le confunzi atunci cand inveti Engleza!

Lose si Miss – Diferente si Expresii in Engleza

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Aboneaza-te Clubul de Engleza

Pentru ca de multe ori, atat ”lose” cat si ”miss” se traduc in linba Romana, prin ”a pierde”, aceste doua verbe pot fi confundate, in anumite situatii.

Miss – mijloace de transport ( bus, train, plane, boat, ship)

Uite, un exemplu cand incepatorii la limba Engleza, pot folosi gresit aceste verbe:

  • Am pierdut autobuzul. I lost the bus. Wrong.

Cand vrem sa spunem ca am pierdut autobuzul, trenul, avionul etc, nu folosim verbul ”lose” ci pe ”miss”.

Aici sensul lui ”miss” este de a pierde, a rata autobuzul. Varianta corecta este:

  • I missed the bus. Correct.
  • She missed her flight. A pierdut avionul.
  • They missed the morning train. Au pierdut trenul de dimineata.
Miss – ocazie

Folosim pe ”Miss” cand vrem sa spunem ca cineva a pierdut o ocazie, o oportunitate, o sansa.

  • He missed his chance to a better life. A pierdut sansa de a avea o viata mai buna.
  • She missed a great opportunity by not accepting to go on that trip. Ea a pierdut o oportunitate deosebita cand nu a accpetat sa mearga in excursie.
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Miss – a pierde, cu persoane

Poti folosi pe miss cand vrei sa spui ca cineva a pierdut sansa, ocazia de a vedea, vorbi, intalni pe cineva.

  • I’m looking for the manager. Caut pe manager.
  • He left the office a few minutes ago. You’ve just missed him. A plecat din birou acum cateva minute. Tocmai l-ai ratat.
Miss – zi special, eveniment
  • I’m so sorry I missed your birthday. Imi pare rau ca am pierdut (ratat) ziua ta de nastere.)
  • He missed their wedding. (El nu a reusit sa vina la nunta lor. A pierdut ocazia de a veni la nunta.) A ratat nunta.
Miss – a rata o tinta
  • You aim at a target but you miss.Tintesti dar ratezi.
  • Try again and next time you will not miss. Mai incearca si data viitoare, nu vei rata.
Miss – a duce lipsa cuiva sau ceva

Miss are si sensul de a-i fi dor cuiva de cineva sau ceva. Inseamna a simti lipsa unei persoane dar si a unor momente impreuna cu aceste persoane. Exemplu:

  • I haven’t seen my parents in a long time. I miss them. Nu mi-am vazut parintii demult. Imi este dor de ei. Imi lipsesc.

Folosirea aspectiului continuu, uneori, a lui ”miss”, este doar pentru ”emphasis”.

  • I’m missing you. Imi este dor de tine.
Missing – lipsa, care lipseste

Cand nu gasim ceva, spune ca acel ceva lipseste. Folosing verbul miss ca adjectiv cu forma miss+ing.

  • If you can’t find something, it means that something is missing.
  • I can’t find my pen. It’s missing. Nu-mi gasesc pixul. Lipseste.
  • Is everyone here. No. Two of us are missing.
  • Three items are missing. We need to find them.
  • I can’t finish this puzzle. One piece is missing.
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Cand il folosim pe Lose?

Lose” inseamna a pierde obiecte si persoane in general dar poate fi folosit si cu sens abstract. Ex:

  • I can’t find my keys. I think I’ve lost them.
  • I lost the track of time.
  • She lost her husband during the war.

Exceptie: Atentie! Cand este vorba de timp, se foloseste, de obicei, ”waste”.

  • I have wasted a lot of time. Am pierdut mult timp.
  • Don’t waste your time trying to convince them! Nu iti pierde timpul incercand sa-i convingi!

Nu confunda pe ”lose” cu ”waste”!

Lose – a pierde bani, a suferi o pierdere

  • He likes to gamble. He loses a lot of money.

Lose a job – a pierde o slujba

  • The company went bankrupt. Everyone lost their jobs.

Lose a match, competition – a pierde un meci, a suferi o infrangere la intreceri sportive

  • The other team was better and our team lost the game.
Expresii cu Lose – Lose patience, lose temper

Lose poate fi folosit in expresii precum: Lose patience, lose temper, lose one’s mind etc.

  • Don’t lose your temper!
  • I lost my patience and I told them to stop talking nonsense.

Miss si Lose

Pot folosi atat pe ”miss” cat si pe ”lose” in aceeasi fraza, context.

  • Our team lost the match.The player couldn’t score. He missed.
  • The goalkeeper missed the ball and our team lost.
Exercitii cu Lose si Miss

1. She ….. her flight to Paris.

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2. I suddenly noticed I was ….. my watch.

3. My best friend lives in London. I …. her a lot.

4. When he told me he couldn’t pay me on time, I ….. my temper.

5. Some of our colleagues are …. . Why aren’t they here?

6. Take a map so you don’t get …. .

7. You’ll …. your train if you don’t hurry up.

8. At least 500 people will …. their jobs if the company goes bankrupt.

9. My best friend is trying to …. weight.

10. He can keep that book, I won’t …. it

11. Her office is first on the right with a black door. You can’t …. it

12. He ….. his limb in a car accident.

13. I think, my credit card is …. from my wallet.

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