Exercitii cu Prezentul Simplu in Engleza

Prezentul Simplu – Practica si exercitii in Engleza

Facem exercitii cu Prezentul Simplu in Engleza. Traducem sau inlocuim formele de infinitiv cu formele corespunzatoare la timpul prezent.

1. Alege forma corecta la prezentul simplu!

  1. I usually (go) to school.
  2. They (visit) us often.
  3. You (play) basketball once a week.
  4. Tom (work) every day.
  5. He always (tell) us funny stories.
  6. She never (help) me with that!
  7. Martha and Kevin (swim) twice a week.
  8. In this club people usually (dance) a lot.
  9. He (drive) to work every day.
  10. I (not think) you’re right.

2. Construiti propozitii corecte folosind cuvintele date!

  1. (you / watch a lot of TV)
  2. (he / not / read the newspaper)
  3. (she / dance often)?
  4. (where / I / come on Mondays)
  5. (what / you / do at the weekend)?
  6. (you / not / drink much tea)
  7. (how / he / travel to work)?
  8. (they / not / like vegetables)
  9. (she / catch a cold every winter)
  10. (I / go out often)?
  11. (she / not / walk to school)
  12. How he (go) to school? He (get) the bus to school.
  13. (how / he / carry such a heavy bag)?

3. Alege forma corecta la prezentul simplu!

  1. My sister (read) a book.
  2. Frank (like) dogs.
  3. My parents (do) the shopping.
  4. We sometimes (meet) in front of the cinema.
  5. Uncle George (go) to the doctor’s.
  6. Our friends (play) football in the park.
  7. She (go) to the park every Friday.
  8. He (ride) his bike every day.
  9. We (have) the best ideas.
  10. Carol (say) goodbye.
  11. She (be) the best singer in our class.
  12. My sister (live) in a big house.
  13. The children (eat) hamburgers.
  14. Bill (have) got two notebooks.
  15. I (be) at home.

4. Completeaza formele corecte ale timpului prezent simplu!

  1.  They about his iPod. (talk)
  2. Mary stamps. (collect)
  3. Tom and Sue two T-shirts. (buy)
  4. We behind a tree. (hide)
  5. The children in the garden. (play)
  6. She my pencil. (borrow)
  7. My mother shopping every Friday. (go)
  8. He my name. (call)
  9. They always in the first row. (sit)
  10. Ken and Sam stamps. (collect)
  11. Carol goodbye. (say)
  12. She usually Tom with the homework. (help)
  13. He in a big house. (live)
  14. The girls up. (stand)
  15. Bill going shopping. (like)
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5. Completeaza formele corecte ale timpului prezent simplu!

1. My parents often westerns. (watch)
2. They hungry. (be)
3. Mum all the dirty clothes. (wash)
4. Peter got a brother. (have)
5. Dad a new plasma TV. (buy)
6. The boys football. (play)
7. In summer it hot. (be)
8. I good at school. (be)
9. On Friday we always our piano lesson. (have)
10. Mary her homework. (do)
11. Richard TV. (watch)
12. I big cities. (like)
13. He in the library. (study)
14. She always to work at 7. (go)
15. Bill and Tom sometimes to London. (drive)

6. Completeaza formele corecte ale timpului prezent simplu!

1. Sarah and Pam often to parties. (go)
2. Jenny sometimes Monica. (meet)
3. In summer he children usually in the garden. (play)
4. Sally often the board. (clean)
5. My sister blue eyes. (have)
6. Bill the window. (open)
7. Barbara school uniforms look great. (think)
8. They all dark blue pullovers. (wear)
9. He often the housework. (do)
10. My mum shopping every Friday. (go)
11. I never TV in the morning. (watch)
12. She her new notebook. (like)
13. Fred football every Saturday. (play)
14. Hannah and Betty often pizza. (eat)
15. Frank sometimes a headache. (have)

7. Completeaza formele corecte ale timpului prezent simplu sau continuu!

  1. He (be) often tired.
  2. They like (like) ham and eggs.
  3. They a cold. (have)
  4. She up at seven. (get up)
  5. We breakfast at eight. (have)
  6. Peter to school. (go)
  7. Anna home at two. (get).
  8. He an ice cream. (want)
  9.  I peppermint. (hate)
  10. Kelly TV. (watch)
  11. She her homework. (do)
  12. Our teacher in Oxford Street. (live)
  13. Eric and Tom blue shirts. (wear)
  14. My sister a song. (sing)
  15. My mum spaghetti. (cook)
  16. Mr Black in his office. (work)
  17. The girls often a book. (read)
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8. Completeaza formele corecte ale timpului prezent simplu!

  1. We (be) never late.
  2. She likes (like) popcorn.
  3. She (be) good at school.
  4. Elephants (eat) grass.
  5. I (like) fish and chips.
  6. She always (meet) her friends after school.
  7. Tom often (wear) a white shirt and blue jeans.
  8. They (be) never tired in the morning.
  9. He (like) apples and bananas.
  10. The children sometimes (go) to the playground.
  11. Sandra usually (take) the bus to school.
  12. Derrick always (have) lunch at a restaurant.
  13. The boys often (play) computer games.
  14. Our cat hardly ever (catch) a mouse.
  15. Paul (walk) his dog every day.
  16. Our daughter often (get) up too late.
  17. My mother (bake) a cake every Saturday.

8. Traduceti in Engleza!

  1. Cum se pronunta acest cuvant in Engleza?
  2. Cum se numeste asta in Engleza?
  3. Cum spui asta in Engleza?
  4. Unde locuieste fratele tau?
  5. Mergeti des la Londra? Mergem o data pe luna.
  6. Ai frati si surori? Nu sunt singur la parinti.
  7. Unde lucrezi? Lucrez la o banca.
  8. Nu stiu cum il cheama dar imi pare cunoscut.
  9. Cat costa aceste tricouri? Sunt la reducere?
  10. Faci sport? Alerg in jurul parcului in fiecare dimineata.
  11. Nu imi place sa beau cafea. Prefer ceaiul cafelei.
  12. Cat de des mergi in excursie? Cat de des pot.
  13. Canti la vreun instrument. Nu dar ascult muzica jazz.
  14. Pentru cine lucrezi? Nu lucrez pentru nimeni. Lucrez pentru mine. Sunt antreprenor.
  15. Aici nu se intampla nimic interesant.
  16. Intotdeauna ma trezesc devreme ca sa am timp sa ma pregatesc pentru serviciu.
  17. In drum spre serviciu, ma opresc la magazin.
  18.  Se intalnesc adesea la restaurantul de peste drum.
  19. Rar ne certam in legatura cu treburile casei.
  20.  Calatoresti vreodata cu barca?
  21. Uneori este dificil sa vorbim cu ei.
  22. Se trezeste dimineata devreme.
  23.  Se intoarce acasa seara tarziu.
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Exercitiu 8 – Raspunsuri Corecte

  1. How do you pronounce this word in English?
  2. What do you call this in English?
  3. How do you call this in English?
  4. Where does your brother live?
  5. Do you often go to London? We go there once a month.
  6. Have you got any brothers and sister? (siblings) No, I’m an only child.
  7. Where do you work? I work in a bank.
  8. I don’t know his name but he looks familiar.
  9. How much are these t-shirt? Are they on sale?
  10. Do you play/do sports? I go running around the park every morning.
  11. I don’t like to drink coffee. I prefer tea to coffee.
  12. How often do you go on a trip? As often as I can.
  13. Do you play any instrument? No, but I listen to jazz music.
  14. Who do you work for? I don’t work for anyone. I work for myself. I’m self employed.
  15. Nothing interesting ever happens here.
  16. I always wake up early to have enough time to get ready for work.
  17. I stop by the store on my way to work.
  18. They often meet in a restaurant across the street.
  19. We seldom argue about housework.
  20. Do you ever travel by boat?
  21. Sometimes, we find it difficult to talk to them.
  22. He wakes up early in the morning.
  23. He comes back home late at night.

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