Exercitii cu Prezent Simplu si Continuu in Engleza

Exercitii cu Prezent Simplu si Continuu in limba Engleza

Facem exercitii cu prezent simplu si continuu pentru ca este cea mai buna metoda pentru a intelege diferentele dintre cele doua timpuri verbale in limba Engleza. ”Practice makes perfect.”

Diferenta dintre Prezentul Simplu si Prezentul Continuu

Nu uita cea mai importanta diferenta dintre prezentul simplu si prezentul continuu! O actiune care are loc o singura data in prezent sau chiar in viitor inseamna Prezent Continuu. O actiuni care are loc reptetat inseamna Prezent Simplu.

Daca facem ceva o singura data acum sau in viitor, folosim Prezent Continuu.

Daca facem ceva de mai multe ori, repetat, folosim Prezent Simplu. ex.

  • I start work at 9 o’clock.
  • I start work at 9 o’clock every day. Incep lucrul la 9 in fiecare zi. ”in fiecare zi” = actiune repetata.
  • I’m starting work at 10 o’clock today. Incep lucrul la ora 10 azi. Doar astazi. Este o actiune pe care o fac o singura data.
  • I see my friend every day. Ma intalnesc cu prietenul/prietena mea in fiecare zi. Actiune repetata.
  • I’m seeing my friend next week. Ma intalnesc cu prietenul/prietena mea saptamana viitoare. Actiune care are loc o singura data.
  • I’m going to England on Monday. Luni ma duc in Anglia.
  • I’m going to England by train. The train leaves at 8 o’clock. Ma duc in Anglia cu trenul. Trenul pleaca la ora 8.

1. Construiti propozitii pozitive si negative folosind cuvintele din paranteze:

  1. He (save) money because he wants to buy a car.
  2. You (not listen) to me.
  3. My parents (look) for a new apartment.
  4. The victim (not cooperate) with the police.
  5. We (plan) a trip to Japan.
  6. I (cook) fish for dinner.
  7. The water (boil). You can put the pasta now.
  8. He (not train) because he has health problems.
  9. I (not work) at present. I’m unemployed.
  10. It (not rain) now. We can go to the park.
2. Construiti intrebari si raspunsuri folosind present continuous folosind cuvintele din paranteze:
  1. (you/cry)? B: No, I .
  2. (your father/recover) well after the operation? B: Yes, he .
  3. (they/try) to find a solution? B: Yes, they .
  4. (the baby/sleep)? B: No, she .
  5. (we/do) the right thing? B: Yes, we .
    Exercitii cu Prezent Simplu si Continuu in Engleza
    Exercitii cu Prezent Simplu si Continuu in Engleza
  6. (he/study) for his exams? B: No, he .
  7. (you eat) my pizza? B: Yes, I .
  8. (you/pay) by credit card? B: No, I .
  9. (they/win) the match? B: Yes, they .
  10. (Tom/run) in the race? B: No, he . He’s here with me.
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3. Construiti dialoguri folosind prezentul Continuu:
  1. Suzan: Hi Mark. What (you/do)?
  2. Mark: I (watch) TV.
  3. Suzan: What (you/watch)?
  4. Mark: A football match. Liverpool (play) against Manchester United.
  5. Suzan: (you/enjoy) it?
  6. Mark: Yes, I . It’s a great match.
  7. Suzan: (your team/win)?
  8. Mark: Yes! But what about you? What (you/do)?
  9. Suzan: I’m with Alice. We (study) for our maths exam.
  10. Mark: Well, I’m sure you (not enjoy) maths. Do you want to take a break and come to my house?

Exercitii cu Prezent Simplu si Continuu

4. Folositi verbele din paranteze la Prezentul Continuu:
  1. You (use) my mobile phone!score
  2. My dad (wash) his car.score
  3. It(not rain) today.score
  4. Who(she / chat) to now?score
  5. What(you / do) at the moment?score
  6. We(sit) on the train.score
  7. The students(have) lunch in the canteen.score
  8. Are you making dinner? Yes, I
  9. Please be quiet! I (work) now!
  10. It (not rain) at the moment.
  11. This shop (open) at eight and (close) at six.
  12. She always (go) to school by bike.
  13. Pst! The baby (sleep).
  14. Tom always (get up) early in the morning.
  15. Look! Peter (juggle).
  16. They (have) their lunch at the moment.
  17. She often (eat) meat.
  18. I rarely (go) to bed before midnight.
  19. Pit (smoke) 19 cigarettes a day.
  20. Jack never (have) breakfast in the morning.
  21. Look! Somebody (swim) in the cold river.
  22. What you (do) now? I (listen) to music!
  23. She usually (wear) black clothes.
  24. Ann often (play) tennis.
  25. Listen! The boy (sing) a nice song.
  26. The earth (move) aroung the sun.
  27. Ice (melt) in the sun.
  28. Sandy (be) always late.
5. Completati propozitiile de mai jos folosind Prezentul continuu tense – pozitiv, negativ sau interogativ:
  1. My son (talk) on the phone right now.
  2. (you / sleep)?
  3. Jason (do) his homework at the moment.
  4. Tom (work) on a project nowadays.
  5. My kids (play) in the garden now.
  6. Some people (wait) to talk to you.
  7. My wife (not cook) today.
  8. (Lucas / study) for his exam right now?
  9. (Ryan / play) the piano now?
  10. Lea and I (paint) the fences today.
  11. Andrea (help) me at present.
  12. My children (not listen) to the radio now.
  13. Selena (not drink) tea now.
  14. I (vacuum) the carpet right now.
  15. My father (watch) TV now.
  16. What (she / eat) right now?
  17. (your dog / hide) from me?
  18. What book (you / read) nowadays?
  19. Thomas (drive) me home now.
  20. I (wash) my face at the moment.
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6. Traduceti in limba Engleza folosind Prezentul Simplu si Prezentul Continuu:
  1. Unde mergi? Nu merg nicaieri? Doar probez aceste haine.
  2. Merg la serviciu devreme pentru ca nu vreau sa intarzii.
  3. Trenurile nu opresc pentru ca sunt in greva.
  4. Citesc o carte interesanta. Citesc o carte o data pe luna.
  5. Incepe sa-mi placa aceasta conversatie.
  6. Astazi nu ies, pentru ca ploua.
  7. Pleaca la Londra saptamana viitoare.
  8. Incep sa cred ca femeile sunt pot fi cei mai buni spioni.
  9. Ea incepe munca la ora 8 in fiecare zi.
  10. Luni ma duc in Anglia. Ma duc in Anglia cu trenul. Trenul pleaca la ora 8.
  11. Ei vin la cina in aceasta seara.
  12. Ei se intalnesc in fiecare saptamana. Saptamana aceasta nu se intalnesc pentru ca sunt ocupati.
  13. Isi face curatenei in camera in fiecare saptamana. Astazi face curatenie in baie.
  14. Merge la scoala cu bicicleta. Astazi ploua. Merge cu autobuzul la scoala.
  15. Ce mancam astazi? Astazi, mancam in oras. Va scot eu la cina.
  16. Petrece mult timp singur acasa pentru ca este foarte ocupat. Scrie o carte despre autodezvoltare.
  17. Beau o cafea intr-o ora. Peste o ora am pauza de 10 minute. Daca vrei poti sa mi te alaturi.
  18. Mi-ar placea sa stam de vorba dar trebuie sa plec pentru ca am tren la ora 6.
  19. Am o raceala de aceea stau acasa. Maine merg la servicu pentru ca deja ma simt mai bine.
  20. A: Unde te duci? Ma duc sa ma tund. B: Te duc des la tuns. Imi creste parul foarte repede.
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Lasa un comentariu mai jos si spune-mi cum a fost.Ai reusit sa faci corect aceste exercitii cu prezent simplu si continuu?

6. Traduceti in Engleza – Raspunsuri
  1. A: Where are you going? B: I’m not going anywhere. I’m just trying on these clothes.
  2. I go/I’m going to work early because I don’t want to be late.
  3. The trains aren’t stopping because they are on strike.
  4. I’m reading an interesting book. I read a book once a month.
  5. I’m starting to enjoy/like this conversation.
  6. Today I’m not going out because it’s raining.
  7. She’s going to London next week.
  8. I’m starting to think that women make the best of spies.
  9. She starts work at 8 every day.
  10. I’m going to England on Monday. I’m going to England by train. The train leaves at 8.
  11. They are coming to dinner this evening/tonight.
  12. They see each other every week. This week they are not seeing each other because they are busy.
  13. She tidies her room every week. Today she’s cleaning the bathroom.
  14. He rides his bike to school. Today it’s raining.  He’s getting/catching the bus to school.
  15. What are we eating today? Today we are eating out. I’m taking you out to dinner.
  16. He spends a lot of time alone at home because he’s very busy. He’s writing a book on self-development.
  17. I’m drinking a coffee in an hour. I’m having/taking a break in 10 minutes. You can join me if you like.
  18. I’d like to chat with you but I need to get going. I have a train to catch at 6.
  19. I have a cold that’s why I’m staying at home. Tomorrow I’m going to work because I’m already feeling better.
  20. A: Where are you going? I’m going to have/get a haircut. B: You have a haircut quite often. A: My hair is grows really fast.

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