Cum intrebam in Engleza?

Cum punem intrebari si cum raspundem in limba Engleza?

Cum intrebam in Engleza? Cum raspundem la intrebari care apar intr-o conversatie normala in limba Engleza? A pune intrebari si a raspunde face parte din conversatia pe care o poate sustine orice invata limba Engleza.

Pentru a vorbi fluent limba, trebuie sa poti formula intrebari si sa poti da raspunsuri. Asta face parte din comunicarea de zi cu zi.

Cum intrebam in Engleza? – Tipuri de intrebari in limba Engleza

Astazi invatam cum sa punem intrebari in limba Engleza. Sunt doua tipuri de intrebari pe care trebuie sa le stii: Intrebari deschise si Intrebari inchise. Sunt intrebari la care poti da detalii si intrebari la care poti raspunde cu da sau nu.

Intrebarile inchise sunt cele care incep cu verb auxiliar. Se mai numesc si Ye/No -questions.
Yes/No questions sunt acele intrebari inchise care nu au nevoie de raspunsuri complexe ci doar de raspunsuri simple cu Da si Nu.
Yes/No questions nu se folosesc cu pronume si adverbe interogative sau Question words. Ele incep cu verb auxiliary.

Intrebari cu raspunsuri: Da sau Nu

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Closed questions primesc raspuns simplu: Yes or No.

  • Do you work here? Yes, I do or No, I don’t.
    Are you coming? Yes, I am. No I’m not.
    Did you go to school yesterday? Yes, I did or No, I didn’t.
    Have you see him lately? Yes, I have. or No I haven’t.

Cum intrebam in Engleza? – Intrebari politicoase

Putem folosi intrebari cu cerbe modale care arata politetea.Would, Could

Polite questions can be open or closed.

  • Would you like a cup of tea? Yes I would.
    Could you help me with the luggage? Yes, I could.

Intrebarile deschise incep cu Adverb sau pronume interogative sau expresii interogative:

Open questions start with a question word or question phrase:

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Cum intrebam in Engleza?- Pronumele interogative

What, Who, Which, Why, Where, When, How long

Raspunsul este mai lung la o intrebare deschisa. The answer to an open question is longer.
Trebuie sa dai mai multe detalii cand rapsunzi la o intrebare deschisa. You give more details in your answer.

De examplu:

  • Who is the man in the car? That is Mr. Jones.
    What are doing? I’m making a tea.
    When do you want to see the museum? I want to see it tomorrow.

Cum intrebam in Engleza? – Timpul verbal si verbul auxiliar

Timpul verbal este foarte important si pentru auxiliarul verbal din raspuns.
Cand punem intrebari la care se raspunde cu Yes  sau No,este nevoie sa fim atenti la timpul verbal si la verbul auxiliar.

Folosim acelasi auxiliar la acelasi timp verbal pe care il regasim si in intrebare.

  • Do you speak English? Yes, I do. or No I don’t.

Verbul auxiliar se potriveste cu subiectul in numar si persoana.

Pentru He, She, it folosim forma pentru persoana 3 singular.

If the subject changes to ‘he, she or it”, then we need to change the auxiliary verb to match it.

  • Does it rain a lot in your country? No, it doesn’t.

Raspunsul poate fi pozitiv sau negativ.  De exemplu:

  • Does it sound right to you? Yes it does. or No, it doesn’t.
    Are they flying to France tonight? Yes, They are. or No, they aren’t.

Cum intrebam in Engleza? – Intrebari lungi

Nu conteaza cat de lunga este intrebarea. Daca este o intrebare inchisa, va primi un raspuns scurt. Da sau Nu.

It doesn’t matter how long a closed question can be, the answer is still short.

  • Are you reading the same book you were reading yesterday? Yes, I am.
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Asta nu inseamnaca nu poti completa raspunsul scurt cu alte raspunsuri suplimentare intr-o conversatie reala.

Daca intreaba cineva:

  • Are you reading the same book you were reading yesterday?

Poti spune:

  • No, I am not reading the same book. I’m reading another one. You can say what book you are reading.

Intonatia in intrebari – Cum intrebam in Engleza?

The intonation of your question is important.
It depends on the type of question you have.
For closed questions, your intonation goes up, at the end.
Do you like this music?
Do you agree?
Would you do me a favour?

Intrebari deschise – Cum intrebam in Engleza?

Intrebarile care incep cu Pronumele interogative si adverbele interogative se numesc Open Questions:

Ele primesc rapunsuri mai complexe, raspunsuri care ofera mai multa informatie
Ele incep de obicei cu acele cuvinte interogative pe care le-am mentionat mai sus.

Despre cuvintele interogative am vorbit intr-un filmulet dedicat special acestui subiect. Il poti vedea mai jos:

Cum intrebam in Engleza – Intonatia?

In intrebarile deschise intonatia coboara, de obicei:

  • Why do you like them? Because…
    What do you want to eat? I want to eat some bananas.
    How long does it take you to get to work? It takes me two hours to get to work from home.
    What’s the best food in your country? The best food in my country is…
    What’s the weather like in your city? The weather is mostly sunny in the southern regions.
    Who is that man? That man is my neighbour.

Uneori, vorbitorii nativi sunt lenesi si pot pune intrebari fara auxiliar. Acestea sunt incorecte din punct de vedere gramatical.

  • Wanna go out for a drink?
  • In loc de forma gramaticala corecta:
    Do you want to go out for a drink?
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Cum intrebam in Engleza – who, what, which?

Who, what, which – subiect in intrebari

Nu este nevoie de auxiliar cand Who, What si Which inlocuiesc subiectul

Aminteste-ti ca nu folosim verb auxiliar in intrebarile deschise, formulate cu Who sau What  cand acestea tin locul subiectului.

Remember that in positive questions we don’t use an auxiliary if the question word replaces the Subject.

  • Who wants to come with me?
  • Who says I don’t remember what you did?
    What makes you say that?
  • What happened when you came back?
    Which one runs faster?
  • Which works best?

Cum intrebam in Engleza? Auxiliar

We do use an auxiliary if the question word replaces the Object.

  • What do you want to do? I want to play tennis.
    Who do you want to see? I want to see the Jane.
    Which one do you want to buy? I want to buy the blue one.
Cum intrebam in Engleza? Conversatia normala

In conversatie, atat intrebarile inchise cat si cele deschise sunt importante. Nu folosi prea multe intrebari inchise pentru a nu crea monotonie . In acelasi timp, prea multe intrebari poate transforma conversatia in interogatoriu.

Trebuie sa stii cand sa intrebi si cand sa te opresti, sa asculti, sa lasi si pe interlocutor sa vorbeasca.
In acelasi timp, poti da raspunsuri detaliate, ori de cate ori este necesar.
O conversatie trebuie sa fie interesanta! Make your conversation interesting!

Daca ai intrebari legate despre subiectul acestei lectii sau alte teme pe care vrei sa le abordam aici, lasa un comentariu mai jos!

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