Cand folosim down?

21 de situatii cand folosim Down

Cand folosim down in limba Engleza? Face parte dintre adverbele si prepozitiile folosite destul de des in Engleza pentru a ne exprima usor diferitele sensuri pe care le poate avea, singur sau impreuna cu alte parti de vorbire.

Down este un cuvant in limba Engleza care pe langa functia de adverb poate indeplini si alte functii precum cea de prepozitie sau adjectiv. Cuvantul Down poate avea si alte sensuri decat cel de baza, atunci cand este folosit ca propozitie, adjectiv sau impreuna cu alte verbe.

Cand folosim Down?

Cand si cum folosim Down pentru a ne exprima cu usrinta in limba Engleza? Urmareste filmuletul de mai jos pentru a intelege mai bine 21 dintre situatiile cand folosim down in limba Engleza!

1. Down – prepozitie

Down poate fi folosit ca prepozitie in expresii precum urmatoarele: ”down the hill,  down the street, down the stairs, down the drain”

  • I’m walking down the stairs.

2. Down ca adjectiv

Asta inseamna ca insoteste un substantiv si se comporta ca un adjectiv.

  • You can use the down escalator. The down escalator is on the right. You can use either the stairs or the escalator.

An escalator is a moving staircase. I usually take the stairs.
If you don’t want to do some physical exercise or you are feeling tired you can take the escalator or the lift.
If you are in a mall or big department store or in the underground. You can use the lif or the escalator.


Down payment inseamna plata in avans sau depozit. Down payment on something which means a deposit.
You may need to pay a 25% deposit when you want to buy a car.
Cu alte cuvinte, spunem:

You put the money down when you want to buy an expensive item such as a car or house. You show that you are very serious about buying so you make a down payment.
The down payment is made in advance and the you pay the rest later when you collect the car.

4. Down ca verb

Ca verb, to down inseamna a da pe gat bautura, a inghiti, a termina de baut. As a verb to down a drink means to finish a drink or to swallow.

  •  I need to down this drink before I leave.
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5. Down +verb

Folosit intr-o expresie verbala:
Down poate fi folosit cu verbe pentru a forma expresii verbale. ex. to Feel down, to be down, to come down

Feel down: a se simti rau

Cand nu te simti bine spui:

  • I’m feeling down. Este la fel cu: ”I’m not feeling very well.”

6.Come down

Come down: Cand stranuti si nu respiri bine, este posibil sa fi racit asa ca spui:

  • I might come down with a cold or I think I’m coming down with a cold.

7. Down – defect

Down despre un aparat: computer, imprimanta, linie telefonica etc. Inseamna ca exista o defectiune. Aparatul nu functioneaza.

  • The computer is down at the moment. The computer is out of order. ( Computerul nu functioneaza.)
  • The power lines are down. There is o power shortage. ( pana de curent)

8. Down on

Down on- este similar ca sens cu ”Out of”.  Ex.

  •  He is down on luck. He is not very lucky. Things are not very well for him now.

Verbe cu prepozitie

Verbele isi pot schimba sensul atunci cand sunt folosite cu prepozitii. Se transforma in expresii verbale care pot capata noi sensuri de la cel de baza, unele total diferite. Unele isi pot micsora sau intensifica sensul prin adaugarea lui down sau up.

 9. Slow down

To slow down – A incetini,  a merge incet, mai incet. ”To slow down” este opusul lui: ”speeding up” sau ”going too fast”.

Cand folosim Down? Impreuna cu adjectivul ”slow”, down poate forma o expresie verbala : ”Slow down” care inseamna a micsoara viteza, a merge mai incet.

Spui: ”Slow down!” cuiva care merge foarte repede. Sa spunem ca mergi pe strada cu cineva, un prieten. Acesta are pasul mare sau se grabeste si tu nu poti tine pasul cu el. Ii spui sa incetineasca. ”Please slow down! Mergi mai incet!

Daca esti in masina cu cineva care conduce foarte repede. Se grabeste dar tu nu vrei sa faca vreun  accident. Daca vrei sa mearga mai incet ii spui: Please, slow down!

11. Put down

to put down inseamna a pune jos. Acesta este sensul de baza!

  •  I put down my car keys. I remember putting down the keys but I don’t remember where. Now I need to find them.
  • Put the gun down! Pune arma jos!
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 Put somebody down

To put down poate fi folosit cu sens figurat.

To put somebody down inseamna ca face pe cineva sa se simta prost, rau, neplacut. O persoana care critica poate face pe altcineva sa se simta prost. Desigur, sunt si alte moduri in care poti face pe altii sa se simta prost.

12.To track down

Folosim To track down atunci cand cauti, urmaresti si gasesti pe cineva.

  • Someone has committed a crime and now, the police are tracking them down.

15.To calm down

Calm down inseamna a (se) calma. Cand cineva este nervos, manios spunem ca are nevoie sa se calmeze.

  • When angry people talk in a very loud voice they are told to (Please) calm down!

16.Turn down

Turn down to inseamna a da mai incet volumul, despre sunet, muzica etc
When they are playing the music too loud unless you are at a party, you can say.
Turn down the music! Opusul pentru turn down este: turn up

Turn down poate insemna si a refuza cand vorbim despre o oferta. Ex.

  • I have turned down their offer. Le-am refuzat oferta.

17. Down+prepozitie

Down to poate insemn la fel ca: out of. Running out of something. a epuiza ceva

  • We are down to our last piece of bread. We have eaten all the bread except for the last slice of bread.
  • Mai avem doar o felie de paine.

Down to earth -metaphorically It means If someone is down to earth it means they are normal. The have their feet on the ground.They are reasonable, reliable people. They can give good advice. You can talk to them easily. They don’t have crazy ideas. You can trust them.

18. Down and out

They are not very lucky. They may be homeless. They are not in a very good position. They have not succeeded. You have failed. Down and out which is nowhere here.

19. Downright

Adverb – Downright means rude. When you say that someone is downright you are referring to somebody who is really rude. You can intensify the meaning of rude by saying: That person is downright rude.

20. Downhearted

Cand ai o zi proasta, te simti trist/a sau pesimist/a. Spunem ca esti sau te simti: ”downhearted”.

You have had a terrible day. You are feeling very sad or pessimistic. You feel downhearted or downcast when things haven’t gone well. You better go to bed or call a really good friend when you feel like that.

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21. Downfall

Downfall – inseamna cadere, pierdere a unei pozitii importante.

When talking about somebody important, about a politician or a businessman, someone who has been in a very high position and now they are in a very bad position. Something goes wrong and when they lose their high position we say say
We use this word when talking about someone important. We may talk about a politician or a businessman. They have done something wrong and nobody likes them now.
You have been in a very high position. You used to have a very good job and now you are unemployed.

21. Downpour

Downpour – aversa, ploaie puternica. Spunem ca ”ploua cu galeata”.

Downpour means heavy rain. When there a lot of rain, you get completely wet. You don’t want to be in a downpour even if you have an umbrella.

Alte situatii cand folosim Down. Cu siguranta, mai sunt si altele.

Down to – cu sensul de responsabilitate, cel sau cea care ia deciziile. Este sinonim cu: Up to.

It’s down or up to somebody. It’s their decision. It is down to me. It’s my responsibility. It means I make the calls. I make the decisions.

Downturn inseamna scadere ( de cifre, vanzari)

Decrease in sales figures,Ex.
There has been a downturn in sales. It means you are not making many sales. The number of sales is going down.

Down with – Jos cu! Cei care scandeaza la proteste, folosesc Down with.

You can use this one when protesting against the government. Down with the government!

Down ca substantiv nenumarabil:
Down consists of the small, soft feathers on young birds. Down is used to make bed-covers and pillows.
goose down -pene de gasca

Down is very fine hair. Down inseamna perisori foarte fin, perisorii unei plante, de exemplu.
The whole plant is covered with fine down.

Nota: Cred ca limba Engleza se invata mai repede daca folosim cat mai mult vocabular in aceasta limba. Deaceea am pastrat explicatiile si exemplele si in limba Engleza. Este important chiar si pentru incepatori sa foloseasca explicatiile in limba Engleza si nu in limba romana.

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