Articolul hotarat in Engleza

Articolul hotarat in limba Engleza ”The Definite Article”

Articolul hotarat in Engleza are forma The” si se foloseste inaintea cuvintelor pentru a le identifica. ”The” este articolul hotarat care se pune inaintea substantivelor pentru a le defini ca anumite obiecte, fiinte, fenomene, stari etc.

De ce trebuie sa stii articolul ”The” in limba Engleza?

”The” este cel mai folosit cuvant in limba Engleza. Nu poti vorbi corect limba Engleza fara a stii cum sa il folosesti. Poti exprima diferite sensuri si nuante, prin folosirea sau a a acestui articol. Iata cele mai importante situatii cand folosim articolul hotarat ”The”:

Articolul hotarat in Engleza
Articolul hotarat in limba Engleza

Cand folosim articolul  ”The”?

In general, articolul hotarat in limba Engleza arata ca este vorba despre ceva, cineva anume, identificat de catre vorbitor.
Arata ca este vorba despre ceva, cineva despre care s-a vorbit anterior. Ex.

  • This is the man I met at the pub yesterday.
  • The lady you saw at the restaurant is my teacher.

Articolul hotarat este diferit de cel nehotarat care se foloseste cu substantive in general. Este vorba despre obiecte, persoane, fenomene in general, nu unele anume. Ex.

  • He is a teacher. That is his job. (Profesor, in general.)
  • Can we go to a park? (Nu vorbesc despre un parc anume. The speaker doesn’t care which one. Nu conteaza in care parc.)
  • I have found a solution to the problem. The solution is not known by the listener. The problem is known to the speaker and the listener.


  • He is the teacher. We are talking about a certain teacher. ( Un anume profesor)
  • This is the house. This is the house I want to buy. ( Este vorba despre  o anumita casa pe care vreau sa o cumpar)
    Can we go to the park? The park is specific. It is known to the speaker and the listener. (Mergem intr-un anumit parc.)
Cum se scrie ”The”?

Articolul hotarat se scrie cu litera mare ”The”, pentru a exprima un titlu de profesie sau birou, institutie.

  • A job title ex. The president, The judge, The director,
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Cum se pronunta ”The”?

De asemenea, este important de retinut ca ”The” se pronunta diferit, in functie de sunetul cu care incepe cuvantul in fata caruia il folosim. Vorbim despre vocale sau consoane. ex.

  • The apple. Look at the apple in the basket.
  • The car. The car at the stop light is red.

Articolul hotarat in Engleza Exemple de situatii cand folosim ”The” inaintea inaintea cuvintelor.

Cu obiecte si persoane unice

Foloseste articolul ”the” cu persoane, obiecte care sunt unice.

  • The sun rose at 6:17 this morning.
  • The president will be speaking on TV tonight.
Cu forma de Superlativ Relativ a adjectivului

Foloseste articolul ”The” cu formele de superlativ !

  • This is the highest building in London.
  • He is the tallest person in our class.

Formele comparativului de superioritate si inferioritate primesc the pentru a exprima: ”Cu cat,…. cu atat…”

  • The more, the better. The harder you work, the more money you make.
Cu numerale ordinale
  • She read the last chapter of her new book first.
  • This is the third time I have called you today.
Cu adjective care arata un grup

Foloseste articolul ”The” cu adjective, pentru a te referi la un grup! Adjectivele se transforma in substantive, in acest caz.

  • The French enjoy cheese and wine. The French people.
  • The elderly require special attention. The old people.
  • She has given a lot of money to the poor. The poor people.
  • The rich have different mindsets. They think differently. The rich people.

Exprima decadele. Ex.

  • I was born in the seventies.
  • This is a painting from the 1820’s.

Poti folosi ”the” cu propozitii introduse de ”only”.

  • This is the only day we’ve had sunshine all week.
  • You are the only person he will listen to.
  • The only tea I like is black tea.
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Cu prepozitii

Foloseste articolul hotarat  cu prepozitii: in, at, on, by, with etc. Sunt si exceptii. Despre acestea vorbim, mai tarziu.

  • I see a lot of people in the street.
  • The event starts on the 19th of January.
  • Do see the pen on the desk?
Denumiri geografice

Foloseste articolul ”The” inaintea cuvintelor care denumesc: zone geografice, rauri, lanturi de munti, grupe de insule, canale, oceane, mari etc.

  • The Black Sea is in the south east of Romania.
  • They are travelling in the Arctic.
  • Our ship crossed the Atlantic in 7 days.
  • I will go on a cruise down the Danube.
  • Hiking across the Alps would be difficult.
Cu nume de tari care au forma de plural.
  • I have never been to the Netherlands.
  • Do you know anyone who lives in the Philippines?

Cu nume de tari care includ cuvintele: „republic”, „kingdom”, or „states” .

  • She is visiting the United States.
  • James is from the Republic of Ireland.
  • I have visited the United Kingdom twice.
Nume de institutii

Numele institutiilor primesc  articolul ”The” inainte ex.

  • The Parliament, the Court, The Accounts section, The Presidency, The Western Union
  • The Western Union is a financial institution not a bank.
Cu nume de ziare: Ex
  • I have read it in the Guardian.
  • She works for the New York Times.
  • I buy the Sun every morning.
Nume de cladiri importante, arta, muzee, monumente

Foloseste intotdeauna articolul ”The” nume de cladiri foarte cunoscute, lucrari de arta, muzee, monumente!

  • Have you been to the London Memorial?
  • We went to the Louvre and saw the Mona Lisa.
  • I would like to visit the Eiffel Tower one day.
  • I saw King Lear at the Globe.
Formatii, echipe sportive

Articolul ”The” se foloseste cu nume de trupe si formatii: The Beatles, The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, The Sex Pistols. The Giants

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Nume de hoteluri si unele restaurante:

Cu nume de hoteluri, restaurante: The Marriot, The Hilton, The Novotel

  • They are staying at the Hilton on 6th street.
  • We ate at the Golden Lion.
Nume de familie

Foloseste ”the” cu nume de familii pentru a identificat grupul, familia nu indivizii, separat! Familia Smith, Familia Jones etc. Intraga familie participa.

  • We’re having dinner with the Smiths tonight.
  • The Browns are going to the play with us.
Articolul hotarat in Engleza
Articolul hotarat in Engleza
Articolul hotarat in – Engleza Exercitii

Alege articolul corect : a, an, the sau nici unul:

I bought … pair of shoes last week.
She saw … movie last night.
They are staying at … hotel.
Look at … woman over there! She is a famous actress.
I don’t like  … basketball.
That is … girl I told you about.
… night is quiet. Let’s go for a walk!
… price of food keeps rising.
He has traveled to … United Kindgdom severel times before.
John is … English.
I read … amazing story yesterday.
My brother doesn’t eat … chicken.

… love is such … beautiful thing.
I live in … apartment.
… apartment is new.
I would like … piece of cake.
I was in … Japanese restaurant.
… restaurant served good food.
Sara can play  … guitar.

2. Alege articolul corect : a, an, the sau nici unul:

Are you coming to … party next Saturday? I bought …   new TV set yesterday.
I think man over there is very ill. He can’t stand on his feet.
I watched     video you had sent me.
She was wearing … ugly dress when she met him.
I am crazy about reading       history books.
She is … nice girl.
Do you want to go to … restaurant where we first met?
He is … engineer. He works in a car factory.
He thinks that  …  love is what will save us all.

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